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Despite having hard-earned military experience, many Transitioning Veterans struggle to market their top-skills to key decision-makers in less time leading to slow employment opportunities or being stuck in misaligned careers.
Although an increasing number of top Military Transition Organizations work hard to bridge this gap, without providing the types of high-impact branding & marketing strategies needed to navigate a competitive global market, career-focused Transitioning Veterans will face challenges marketing their value proposition.
This is the problem BrandDisco© solves!

With BrandDisco©’s NEW 5-In-1 Online Personal Branding Course!

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What’s Included in This 60-Minute Online Course?


  • 6-Video Style Modules— Each Veteran will have complete flexibility to review each module independently, or holistically; in an hour-long setting.
  • Instructor notes — We’ll provide informative instructor notes, as guidelines and talking points, so that each Veteran can apply what they’ve learned like a pro.
  • Video Testimonial Clips — We’ll include success story clips, showing results from past learners to promote early buy-in & participant interest.
  • A Personal Brand Discovery Assessment - Each Veteran will have a chance to take their personal brand assessment and get instant results during this course allowing for an interactive learning experience.
  • An Instant Personal Brand Feedback Report- Each Veteran will receive real-time ‘personal brand insights,’ giving them the winning pointers & verbiage they need to create & perfect their elevator pitch, email introductions, ace their interviews and much more.
  • Practice Questions—We’ll provide a series of practice questions after each video to create an interactive learning experience that methodically walks each Veteran through each module ensuring they are fluidly following along.
  • 5-Example Practice Exercises— Each Veteran will receive 5 follow-along exercises in module 6, allowing them to demonstrate the application of what’s being taught in real-time so they can win like a pro.
  • Certificate of Completion — Each Veteran will automatically receive, a Training Certificate of Completion, at the conclusion of this course to save & store for their records.

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